Red Cream


    Most Selling

    Brownie Bite

    42 Pieces. 15 mins preparation

    KWD 10.000

    Mini Cookie Damar

    18 Pieces.15 mins preparation

    KWD 10.000

    Chocolate mix box

    Chocolate mix box Contains of 24 pieces if brownie bits. Half kilo rocky road 250g chocolate meringue

    KWD 18.000

    Ice box 120ml

    Box contains 12 bottles 120ml

    KWD 10.000 - 10.000

    Mix Bomb balls

    Jar with 28 pieces Brownie balls filled with salted caramel and Peanuts butter

    KWD 6.000

    chocolate meringue

    KWD 8.000

    Mini crepe

    6 Box Of Lite Thin Circles Of Mini Crepe Covered With Milk Chocolate And Small Lines Of Dark And White Chocolate.

    KWD 1.000

    Ghuraiba Ntfa

    1Kilo.15 mins Preparation

    KWD 10.000

    Lava Chocolate Cake

    15 mins Preparation

    KWD 11.000